TypeScript Type Challenge If Walkthrough

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The goal of this challenge is to implement a generic If type which accepts condition C, a truthy return type T, and a falsy return type F. C is expected to be either true or false while T and F can be any type.

The challenge: https://github.com/type-challenges/type-challenges/blob/main/questions/00268-easy-if/README.md

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An example case

For example, given the following cases, our If type should return the type shown in the comments:

 If<true, 'a', 'b'> // 'a'
If<false, 'a', 2> // 2


In plain english, we want our type to:

if C is true, return T, if C is false, return F

This is the textbook use-case for conditional types in TypeScript

The solution

We'll start by implementing a conditional type that returns T or F based on the value of C:

  type If<C, T, F> = C extends true ? T : F

If C is assignable to true, return F, otherwise return F.

This is almost the complete solution, but at the moment our C generic can take on any value, we want to constrain it to only accept boolean values. The final solution is:

  type If<C extends boolean, T, F> = C extends true ? T : F